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the island fauna

In the year 1977 were released on the island two pairs of wood pigeons. Currently, the colony of this bird is over 200 copies and is probably one of the largest in Galicia. They nest and breed on the island since then and given their sedentary nature their numbers continue to grow.

They also live on the island six pairs of magpies, 3 of crows, 6/8 blackbird, a number of sparrows and finches also, nerds, finches, robins, blue tits and others. Most were born and on the island. All this rich and diverse fauna on the island has winged its ideal habitat, and enjoying the peace of mind and have, for their livelihoods, with an abundance of insects, grubs, worms, seeds, berries , etc. as well as fresh water, with several fountains and a small pond, which have been built for them.

Special mention the huge colony of starlings, in flocks of hundreds of individuals, more than 15 years and during the months of autumn / winter (they are migrants), have their bedroom in the trees on the island, leaving at dawn in search of food, and return at dusk.

There on the island for years and permanently, a small colony of squirrels.

It is unknown how the island has come to this beautiful and charming rodent, but is supposed to come from the former estate of Mirambell, on the other side of the bridge, which have been seen crossing in either direction.

Their number rarely exceeds three couples, despite raising on the island, probably due to self-regulate their population in terms of the extent of territory and food available there.

They feed mostly, the abundant pineapples pines that provide them.