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Installing the new treatment plant in the area of the Tower of Toralla



Following the urgent need for purification of all wastewater discharged into the Vigo estuary with the enormous danger, failing which, the slow but steady disappearance of fish and shellfish that live thousands of workers, Toralla, SA has renewed its treatment facilities for domestic wastewater, in its day, pioneering the Vigo estuary, but now obsolete because they can not meet the legal parameters required by “Aguas de Galicia” and in accordance with European standards discharges.

The existing treatment system consists of two new stations debugging, a model for the community FACET STP.50 Toralla Tower and other FACET STP.25 for Castro Toralla community and also gives service to the Marine Science Station University of Vigo and a total cost for both installed, € 394,000.

The operation consists of an aerobic biological process, extended aeration with sedimentation and activated sludge recirculation, followed by a tertiary process of ozonation disinfection by allowing the reuse of purified effluent back, even with storage for irrigation of the gardens of the island.

The stages of the treatment process are:

  • Conduct of domestic wastewater sump of the same, after passage of a primary system roughing-sand trap.

  • Pumping the sewage from the sump to the treatment plant.

  • Where pre-treatment is ground without separating solids from the effluent.

  • Total oxidation in the digestion chamber by extended aeration.

  • Sedimentation of biological sludge in the settling chamber in the middle and recirculation anoxic them.

  • Disinfection by ozonation by continuous recirculation, the discharge chamber, part of the water leaving the treatment plant.

  • Discharge by gravity or pumping to the point of discharge, or storage tank for later use as irrigation of landscaped areas, wash down and transportation projects.