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marítime rescue



The Maritime Rescue public service is managed by the State Company for Maritime Safety Agency, an agency under the Ministry of Development, through the Directorate General of Merchant Marine. The Purpose of the Company, is also of saving lives at sea, maritime traffic monitoring and combating maritime pollution.

In December 1997 it signed a collaboration agreement with the homeowners Toralla Tower Building, by reserving the necessary space on the roof of the tower for the installation of suitable equipment for the electronic detection and communication, fundamental for the operation of the Centre for Maritime Rescue Coordination Vigo, located in the Transatlantic Pier and in front of which, as Head of the Centre is D. Jose Maria Suarez-Llanos Galán.

Role of the Maritime Rescue Service:

  • Emergency management
  • Vessel traffic monitoring
  • Maritime Pollution
  • Support navigator

To do this, they at the Tower of Toralla with:

  • Two radar antennas, S-band and X band, with effective range of 25 miles.
  • 4 marine band VHF radio equipment
  • 1 VHF air band radio equipment
  • A weather station
  • A radio direction finder (radio detection equipment electronic directional)
  • Radio double bonds
  • Generator

All information collected with this equipment is broadcast via radio link to the terrace of the Hotel Bahia, which, in turn, with another radio link is transmitted to the Coordinating Centre.

The great vantage point offering Toralla Tower building located at a strategic point in the Ria de Vigo and a height of approximately 70 meters, allowing a great radio communication with ships for an effective emergency management, as in traffic monitoring situations with radars and communications.

Thanks to this, as their proper location on the island of Toralla, can spread the messages needed for crews in the security and assistance.

Also thanks to radar, traffic in and out, and their approaches, have prevented more than a maritime disaster.

For more information please link to the website

| Vision of the radio link scheme to the Coordination Centre.